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Health and Nutrition Education

A large part of dieting failure is lack of correct knowledge. The world of nutrition and health is often confusing and contradicting. Our health and nutrition education courses teach you all about nutrition and health with eyes wide open to what is certain, what is theory, and what is not quite proven. We'll also teach you to be able to read articles about nutrition and figure out if it's legitimate or if it's political or money driven rather than science driven.

Each course is designed to be done easily in the time designated. Courses come with video lectures, lecture worksheets, and quizzes to help you solidify your learning. You also can email with questions. 

Intro to Health and Nutrition

A 12 unit course giving you an introduction to health and nutrition with a look into the controversy in nutrition and where the scientific community agrees and disagrees. We'll dissect the U.S.D.A. recommendations as well different dieting strategies. We cover macro and micro nutrients and what they do in your body. This course will give you greater insight into what different foods do for your health and how to make better nutrition decisions to maximize health and longevity to avoid disease and illness.

Intermediate Health and Nutrition

The Intermediate Course adds the knowledge gained in the Intro Course. It covers 

Advanced Health and Nutrition

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Gut Health

Our nutrition and exercise directly affects our gut health which directly affects our overall wellbeing, resistance to illness, and disease prevention. In this course we cover what our "gut" contains, their functions in the body, and how what we put in our mouths affects their function. We'll also cover immune function, illnesses, and diseases that gut health affects. This is a great course for people looking to increase their quality of life and avoid illness and disease.

Brain Health

Brain health is a fascinating topic. We cover how nutrition and exercise affect our brain and what that in turn does to the rest of our body. We'll dive into brain conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer's, depression, and anxiety to name a few. We'll discuss how nutrition and exercise can either help prevent or make us ,more susceptible to various diseases. We'll also cover how to make our brains function at their best, improving memory and thinking abilities.

Immune System Health and Nutrition's Influence

Nutrition plays a huge role in how our immune system functions. From major diseases like cancer to minor illnesses such as a head cold and even healing of cuts and scrapes, our immune systems ability to fight off disease and illness and to repair our bodies is directly tied to our nutrition. We'll cover the different aspects of our immune system, their function and how our nutrition affects that function. We'll also cover a host of different illnesses and diseases and how to prevent them using nutrition. By the end of this course you'll have the knowledge to better keep you from getting sick and to prevent disease.


This course covers everything from multivitamins and vitamin supplements to protein, BCAAs and preworkouts and everything in between. This is an in depth look at different types of each category of supplements and what they really do in your body. By the end you should have a great understanding of supplements and which are right for you at any stage of your life.

Performance Health and Nutrition

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Pre, during, and post Pregnancy
Muscle Health

The health of our musculature systems makes a huge difference in our quality of life. In this course we cover how nutrition affects our muscles and what that means for our daily life. We'll talk common aches and pains such as low back, shoulders, and more. We'll give you basic tools to self diagnose and treat common problems, and when to seek more professional help. We'll also talk through aspects of muscle wasting and muscle training.

Heart Health

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Diabetes, Obesity, and Nutrition Caused Disease

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