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Sean Burton

Since Sean was 14 he set out on the path to being a doctor. He received certificates for Medical Assisting, Surgical Assisting, EMT, and everything else he could get his hands on. This lead him to Brigham Young University where he was awarded a degree in Physiology and Developmental Biology. He finished additional degrees in Neuroscience, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and Exercise Science as well as extensive extra course work in chemistry, nutrition, and psychology, all while working as a researcher for 5 years in a cancer lab. After this undergraduate work he was accepted into medical school but opted to decline. Since then he has worked in clinical settings as well as in laboratory work, and now in business. 

Sean played high school and collegiate water polo and now enjoys playing just about any sport. He spends most of his free time outdoors, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, skiing, hiking, backpacking, hunting, and anything and everything outdoors. To stay fit he does Crossfit and uses his knowledge of human physiology to stay healthy.


  • Macro Based Nutrition

  • Gut Health

  • Disease Prevention

  • Performance 

  • Specialty Nutrition

  • Research Based Health and Nutrition

  • Cancer

Sadee Burton

Specialty Certifications

Specialty Certifications‚Äč

  • Crossfit Level 1/Level 2

  • USA Weight Lifting 

  • Crossfit Mobility

  • BirthFit 2018

In 7th grade Sadee could often be found surfing the web for workout and nutrition articles. Ever since then she has continued to be drawn to the field of health and wellness. Throughout the rest of her education Sadee knew she wanted to help others be the healthiest versions of themselves, however finding the right avenue to do so was difficult. After trying out different majors she settled on Nursing at Brigham Young University. She continued to fuel her love for fitness through playing college lacrosse and delving deeply into endurance running and various fitness classes. She finally found her passion for fitness truly realized through Crossfit, began coaching in 2012, and never looked back. Although she loves her work in Emergency Medicine, advocating for preventative and holistic health care outside of the acute setting of hospital is where she is able to have the most influence. She currently coaches Crossfit and can often be found on the trails of Utah with her dogs. 

Through her years of coaching

Sadee came to realize the giant

gap in education for expecting

mothers in the Crossfit & health

world, which lead to her discovery


Sadee has found a new passion

for supporting mothers with 

intentional training and nutrition

practices that support them

physically, mentally, and spiritually.